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For more information on the musical background and experience of the instructors, read the below biographies.



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“So You Want to be a Musician?”

This picture is from a lecture Lex Headley gave at the Fayetteville public library in North Carolina. The lecture was on her favorite topic: “How to Be a Musician.” As a person who had a bit of a circuitous path to a music career, finding a path into music is a topic she is very passionate about. Music education has always been in the foreground of her life. Growing up, the soundtrack to Lex's life at home, after school, and on the weekends, was the music of piano lessons. Her mother, a graduate of Manhattan School of Music, was a private piano teacher, choir director, and a Montessori music class teacher. The walls of her home constantly reverberated throughout the day with melodies and lessons. She's always known a life of music, but becoming a professional musician was a journey.

She attended Syracuse University as a Vocal Performance major, officially studying opera but spent many practice hours on musical theatre singing and songwriting.  At Syracuse University she was also a violinist in the Syracuse University Orchestra.  Though she ultimately graduated SU with a degree in English and a concentration in medicine, music courses were always a priority at course enrollment time.  At Syracuse University she studied voice, violin, and piano, as well as multiple collegiate level courses in music theory, music history, and ear training courses.

She took a detour in her music career into the Health Sciences, obtaining a Masters Degree in the Science of Nutrition at Columbia University. Despite the detour, she has managed to accumulate over a decade of formal training in each of the instruments she teaches and almost another decade of professionally performing her music.

Lex believes that studying an art, any art, for self expression is key to living a full life; and what better way to do that than to find self expression through music?  Book with Lex and she will support you in your own journey of deciding "How to Be a Musician."



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Brian Moyer has been teaching guitar since 2017.  He is a prolific songwriter and a leader in promoting and supporting local songwriters in North Carolina.  Before he moved to Graham, he was a club leader for the North Carolina Songwriters Co-Op in Chapel Hill. He also started the Neville's Quarter show, along with Lex, a project aimed providing spotlight on local songwriters and at making community through music. He has decades of experience in studying the instrument and has been helping others learn as soon as he learned.  In fact, he successfully taught Lex guitar when they met in 2016. She can vouch that she had been trying to learn guitar for years and "not a single chord or string note name had stuck in her mind" until Brian showed up with his techniques, methods, and encouragement.  

Brian Moyer is an energetic, yet easy-going, teacher who makes lessons fun!

Beginners will learn all the chords, finger picking, and basic music theory in every lesson.

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