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Booking Questions

1. How do I rebook lessons? I'm getting tired of filling out the same forms over and over for my music lesson. 

Find the "rebook" button to save you from having to find and select the same lesson and filling out the same form over and over. No more filling out the form!  The previous booking form will be replicated when you are "rebooking" using your NQ Music Studio profile.

This is how it's done:

1) Log into your membership account

2) Go to the menu at the top right, next to your profile icon, and select "My Bookings"

3) From there, click on "History", and then click “Book Again” next to whatever booking you’d like to book again.


2. Turns out I won’t be able to come to my lesson, how do I reschedule a lesson online?

If it’s outside of the 12 hour boundary before your lesson time, this is how it’s done:

1) Log into your membership account

2) Go to the menu at the top next to your profile icon and select “My Bookings”

3) Locate the booking you want to reschedule

4) Click “reschedule” and a calendar prompt will pop up for you


3. How do I cancel a lesson?

As described in the Teaching Policy that all students must agree to before booking, there are no refunds, so it would make more sense to reschedule a lesson so your money is not wasted. You can also gift or sell your booking to someone else.


4. Why can’t I book using my pricing plan credit? I’m trying to book a lesson, I'm on a pricing plan and I know I have unused booking credit! What's the deal?

The website is designed so that bookings must be booked outside of a 5 day time buffer, even if you technically have already paid for the lesson via a pricing plan. The music instructors need time to plan out your lessons and need the ability  anticipate their current week's schedule. 

Another reason you might not be able to book a lesson using your credit is that your pricing plan has not begun yet!You may have signed up for a pricing plan but selected a “start date” that has not passed yet, therefore the money you paid has not been converted into booking credit yet. Check your pricing plan billing cycle by logging into your NQ Music Studio membership account.

If neither of those seem a correct explanation: it might be that your regular time is not available - it might be that the time is blocked off the calendar because your instructor has an engagement and is not available that day.


5. Is there some easy way to just make appointments for two or three months? I don't want to have to remember to book each lesson. 

We can very easily block off any time(s) on the calendar for you if it has been paid for in advance. If you sign up for a Pricing Plans we can guarentee you a regular booking spot. Check those out here. But if the pricing plans are not your cup of tea, we can probably arrange another type of payment plan for you.


6. Can I still control the variety of lesson subjects I take, rescheduling, or see my booking history if I'm on a pricing plan?

Absolutely.  You just need to tell us that this is what you want. Just let us know after signing up for a pricing plan that you want to keep control over booking via the website. We LOVE that you want to stick with the website booking system and that you're happy with booking each lesson individually! Just book the lessons as one normally would via the website booking page.  You'll find that it will ask you if you want to use your pricing plan booking credit, select yes, and there you go! Complete control over booking AND automatic billing all in one!  All your membership information and history will continue to be neatly stored and organized on the website in your membership account. 


Pricing Plan Subscription / Booking Credits Questions

7. I signed up for a plan but I didn't get any notification about my lessons actually being booked, not even a prompt to go to the booking, what happened?

We ask that you speak with us after buying a pricing plan. You have to choose how you want to do bookings after getting a pricing plan. A student needs to make a choice after subscribing, either 1) the student keeps control of their own booking via the website or 2) the student gives control of their booking to their music instructor with an agreed upon lesson meeting pattern. Speak with us to find out which is best for you.

8. How do I view my booking credit? 

If you have us dealing with your booking credit, having us reserve your lessons by blocking off the calendar, then the booking credit number on your membership profile won't be accurate at all. 

But if you are in control of your booking and currently are booking all your lessons through the website then the number will be accurate. You can view your remaining number of booking credits by doing the following:

1) Log into your membership account.

2) Click on the menu at the top right of the page.

3) Click on "My Subscriptions" 

4) Look for your plan and there should be a box that says "sessions remaining" with a number next to it.

9. How do I cancel my pricing plan? What happens when I cancel?

You can cancel your pricing credits by doing the following:

1) Log into your membership account.

2) Click on the menu at the top right of the page.

3) Click on "My Subscriptions" - DO NOT press the cancel button yet if you see it, wait a second!

4) Look for your plan and there should be a box that says "sessions remaining" with a number next to it.

5) If you want to use up those remaining credits - book them now, or email us, ask us to send you a gift card with the remaining booking credit amount.

6) Once your left over credits are dealt with, press the "cancel plan" button and you will not be charged again.

10. Ok, so I subscribed into a pricing plan because I really want an automatic payment system, but what are the advantages of keeping my control over my bookings in "Option #1" of pricing plan page? Isn't it sort of exactly the same as the booking system without a pricing plan?

Yup! It's exactly the same booking system as those who do not have pricing plans. If you're good at budgeting your bills and you want to pick your lessons subjects then there is no reason to get a pricing plan, you might want to cancel your plan - just book a few lessons a month all on that one day that you do your monthly or weekly budgeting.

That said, it may be that paying bills individually is the bane of your life and a pricing plan is everything you've ever wanted.

If that's true these are the advantages of keeping your booking power (Option #1) for your pricing plan:

Advantage #1) You'll keep your online conversation-less instant rescheduling power.

Advantage #2) Keeping your power to book lesson credit online in a totally random pattern of dates,

Advantage #3) Independently being able to design your own custom curriculum, and getting to pick a new type of lesson without ever having to ask for it.

Advantage #4) Having the ability to view your booking history, and the ability to view all your upcoming bookings.  It will also show a perfect display of all the lesson types you've ever signed up for.


11. And the disadvantages? If I decided to keep my online control over my bookings are there downsides?

Disadvantage #1) Booking on your own (using a pricing plan) requires some monitoring. You need to decide whether or not you are capable of keeping an eye on your booking credit every billing cycle. We'll do it for you for the first three months of your lessons, after that you're on your own. If you don't get your booking credit turned into appointments by the end of your pricing period, the credits get wiped! We truly can not stop that from happening. So don’t let your booking credit build up, if you have the credit, get it on the calendar! 

Disadvantage #2) It requires you to book each individual lesson. Example: if you’re a monthly subscriber that means, it could mean every first of the month you book four individual lessons. Every lesson needs to be booked individually, that means either clicking "rebook" four times a month, or filling out a new booking form four times a month. Know when your billing cycle starts each month or week, so you can book your new credits as soon as your get them!

Disadvantage #3) Not only does it require you to remember to book each lesson, it requires you to remember that all lessons need to be booked 5 days or more ahead of the meeting time. Booking individual lessons week to week is very difficult when using a pricing plan; there is a small booking window of two days each week.; monthly pricing plans are much easier because the booking window is an entire month. Still, with monthly pricing plan booking requires timing! This is why we suggest always having at least 3 or 4 bookings on the calendar already when booking.  If this would be helpful, this could mean playing the waiting game: booking your FIRST lessons (with pricing plan credit) immediately for the NEXT month, waiting through a billing cycle before showing up to your first lesson.  You want to be always booking for the next month, not the current month. So be warned, making a new booking on a week to week basis is difficult with our system! It takes diligent organizational calendar skills. Booking week to week on your own makes it really easy to miss that week’s lesson booking window (due to the 5 day time block) and that can cause childcare scheduling issues. Booking in bulk is best. If you can afford it, subscribing as a monthly or yearly payer is always easier for booking.


12. Ok, so I subscribed into a pricing plan. What are the advantages and disadvantages of doing the off-website periodic reservation booking plan?

Answer: the inverse of the previous two questions. It simplifies one's life quite a bit, especially if you’re on a weekly payment plan! If you're interested in the same type of lesson each week, then there is really very little communication or work done to book lessons with us under this method! Paying and booking will be a breeze. 

Well.. except one unique issue: if you're a monthly pricing plan subscriber, sometimes months have 5 days of a week instead of the typical four and that extra lesson time will have to be either skipped or scheduled individually via the website. But other than that, if you don't mind having to email, text, call to communicate all your questions and lesson scheduling issues, it's the perfect method for booking lessons.


13. How can I still control the variety of lesson subjects I take, do my rescheduling, or see my booking history if my bookings are off-website through your reservation system?

Just email, text, or call us! You can let us know, up to 5 days before your reserved lesson time, what type of lesson subject you want. You can't reschedule with us via the website anymore, true, but calling, emailing, or texting 12 hours before the appointment works just as well! Your lesson history unfortunately can not be viewed online anymore if your lessons are being reserved via NQ Music Studio staff. Wix is working on changing that, fortunately! For now, if you want to know your lesson history just email us and we'll get you that information.


14. Where’d my booking credit go? Uh-oh, I'm on a pricing plan and decided to keep control of my bookings instead of letting you guys just reserve a regular spot for me... I forgot to book lessons this month and now my credits are wiped!!! How can I get them back? 

Don't fret yet, but yeah, this breaks our heart and we wish Wix would do something about wiping the unused credits. So, if you're one of these students who decided not to go the route of having us block off your lessons when in a pricing plan, please, please, please keep an eye on your booking credits!!! Yes, as you've noticed, they will be wiped at the end of each billing period. Of course, we will adjust your credit for you, BUT only for the first three months of you starting lessons with us. After the three month grace period, we can not help you - it's your money and your responsibility. This is why we say, if you want a pricing plan it's best if you just let us reserve your lessons by letting us block off the calendar.


15. Egads! l see my pricing plan period is about to refresh this week but I still have booking credit unused. I can't schedule any lesson this week, I'm busy! What do I do? 

Oh dear, it's a common misconception that you have to book lessons only within the time frame of the booking credit given. If it ever turns out that you have more credit than you can use in the remaining time of your billing cycle, go ahead and book the rest of the credits going into the next month. There’s no limit to how far ahead in time you can make a booking.


16. I have to stop taking music lessons. I'm a pricing plan subscriber and I still have 4 lesson credits that are unused. I don't want them can I have a refund please?

We're very, very, sorry to say that NQ Music Studio is a very small business and, unlike Walmart or Amazon, we have no fund for refunds. You were told when you started lessons, and you signed a teaching policy that says you understood that, NQ Music Studio does not give refunds. However, that booking credit will make a really great Christmas gift or Birthday gift for somebody. Please, email us about turning your unused credit into a gift card.


Covid-19 Related Questions

17. What are you doing to protect students from covid?

Everyone in the music studio is masked during lessons. We have two HEPA filters going on in the studio room. We also have in place the system of requesting a "10 days of no symptoms" in person booking block.


18. Do you teach remotely?

Yes, we teach remotely, any lesson subject is available as a virtual lesson. You can also turn any in-person booking into an online booking, but please give us as much warning time as possible so we can plan accordingly.


19. Someone in my family has been exposed to Covid-19 recently, what’s your protocol?

ALL individuals that have been exposed to the covid-19 virus, including students who weren’t exposed themselves but live with a household member who was exposed, must book remote lessons only until their 10th day of being asymptomatic. 

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