This Month's Eco-Friendly Activity

Neighborhood Trash Collection

August's challenge is to walk your neighborhood and pick up trash. 

You will receive a voucher for music lesson credit worth $10.

This is all we require:

An email with a picture (dated within August) of the trash you've collected!

We're looking for at least a kitchen garbage bag size amount of garbage.

Ask for your parent's permission before walking alone in your neighborhood.

Use hygienic protection - wearing gloves might be a good idea.


NQ Music Studio really cares about keeping waste down, living sustainably, and protecting wildlife. We want future generations of all living creatures to thrive on this planet. Right now this requires work on the individual level, not just our overarching infrastructure. Together, our tiny efforts will add up and make a difference. We want to protect wildlife and we think you do too! Let's work together and challenge ourselves to help the planet! 


Come back every month for another $10 voucher.

Students are limited to receiving one voucher per month. Vouchers will be sent via email. 

Vouchers can be combined or used separately.

Email Lex Headley to redeem your voucher(s).