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First time here? Please book a "First Lesson Introductory".


If keeping regular lessons is important to you, our advice is to book as many as you can ahead of time. That means having about 3 lessons ahead of you already on the calendar while booking for the next months lessons.


All lessons must be booked 5 days or more before the planned meeting time. 

If you need to reschedule a lesson you must call, text, or email us at least 12 hours ahead of the scheduled lesson time. You will always need to reschedule for a booking conflict because we do not give refunds, nor do we offer make up lessons for missed appointments or appointments canceled within 12 hours of meeting.

Illness related reasons exclude you from the 12 hour rule and a make up lesson will be offered. 

 For the protection of others, if you or someone in your household has a fever (or has more than one type of flu or cold like symptom), we ask that you do not book an in-person lesson until after your 5th day of being asymptomatic. Until the fifth day of being asymptomatic, please consider signing up for remote lessons!

All sessions must be booked at least 5 days week in advance.

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