First things first, why are you here? Because, you don't need a pricing plan to pay upfront for 3 or 4 music lessons a month - it's probably simplest for you to click on the "rebook" lesson options than sign up for a pricing plan, especially if you like customizing your lesson subjects!

YOU'VE CAME TO THE RIGHT PAGE, if you are looking for a way to get an automatic payment scheduled for lessons OR if you are looking for a way to get a guaranteed spot on the calendar each week/month without filling out any booking forms - this is the place to automate and streamline your music lessons!

On this page you sign up for the convenience of a regular promised payment - subscribing to NQ Music Studio lessons within a weekly, monthly, or yearly billing cycle.

You get to pick when your pricing plan begins and how many lessons you want. But remember, as per all the bookings via this website, your first lesson from the plan will have to be scheduled to be 5 days or more after your very first pricing plan payment.


Once you sign up for one of the plans below, you have to communicate (email us here) how you want to use your Pricing plan.


Read the informational Booking Options for Pricing Plans page and pick one of the three options below:

Option #1) Keep your online booking power using online booking credits or...

Option #2) Entrust your booking power onto NQ staff and they will block off the calendar in a regular lesson reservation pattern of your choice. 

Option #3) Build up booking credit and wait to take lessons until you're ready (great for folks going on vacation).

If choosing option #1, email us that you'd like to keep your booking power, and go ahead and book your first lessons through the plan via the normal booking page on the NQ Music Studio Website; it will prompt you to use your plan's booking credits.


If choosing option #2, be prepared to email us your preferred periodic lesson booking pattern (options listed below) and we'll reserve the dates for you on our booking calendar:

  • Weekly, lessons recurring on the same day(s) of the week.

  • Biweekly, lessons recurring on every other same day of the week.

  • Monthly, lessons recurring on an ordinal day of the week (like, every 2nd Monday)

  • Monthly, lessons occurring on the same date number (like, meeting on the 10th each month)

If choosing option #3, let us know not to reserve any lessons on the calendar for you and to wait, until you are ready. to put lessons on the calendar.

Payment plans subscriptions can be canceled at any time.


Cash refunds can not be given for unused pricing plan credit; however, if you were on an Option #2 or Option #3 Pricing Plan and you no longer want your credit anymore, you can gift all of your unused lesson credit to a friend or family member.

Please refer to the Teaching Policy and the FAQ page for more information.

Choose your pricing plan

  • The Classic Plan

    Every month
    Single Payment for 4 One-Hour Sessions a Month
    • Weekly Hour Lesson

      Every week
      For automatic payments of regular weekly lessons
      • Larghetto Plan

        Every month
        2 Half-Hour Bookings a Month
        • Adagio Plan

          Every month
          4 Half-Hour Bookings a Month
          • Andante Plan

            Every week
            1 Half-Hour Booking a Week
            • Moderato Plan

              Every week
              2 Half-Hour Bookings a Week
              • Allegretto Plan

                Every month
                6 Half-Hour Bookings a Month
                • Allegro Plan

                  Every month
                  8 Half-Hour Bookings a Month
                  • Presto Plan

                    Every week
                    3 Half-Hour Bookings a Week
                    • Prestissimo Plan

                      Every month
                      12 Half-Hour Bookings a Month
                      • Weekly Class Lesson

                        Every week
                        Plan for Regular 1 Hour Class Lesson Booking
                        • Monthly Class Lesson

                          Every month
                          Plan for Attending One Class Lesson a Month
                          • Year of Hour Lessons

                            Every year
                            36 Week Academic Calendar, 10% Discount
                            • This plan offers a bulk payment for 36 lessons at a discount