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Welcome to NQ Music Studio!

We are so excited and honored to join you on your path of music study! This page details the contract agreement between the teacher, the student, and if applicable, the student's guardian(s). This agreement only needs to be read once, but you must read the policy before booking your first lesson. 

Online students will be sent a copy to sign, and it can be emailed back or sent in the mail to the studio.



  • Please log yourself in the logbook by the door when you arrive at NQ Music Studio.

  • The lesson timer we use to keep track of time is programmed and automatically starts its count down at the scheduled time you signed up for; whether the student is there or not. 

  • Time can not be refunded if the student arrives late. Your time is assigned and completely your time. Subsequently, any time before or after your lesson is also assigned time.

  • If you and/or the student has to arrive early, please wait in the waiting room, or outside on the porch.

  • Waiting room suggestions, if you’re early: 

    • Early violin students: tune up (no bows, pluck only) and/or practice music by pizzicato. 

    • Early piano students: feel free to warm up on the keyboard piano with the headphones. 

    • Early vocal students: read/study some of the books on singing in the room.

    • Early guitar students: tune your instrument while waiting and practice softly.



  • Make lesson payments online through the booking service on the NQ Music Studio website. We pay a service through Wix to ensure your banking information stays private and secure.

  • Cash or check payments are for very special cases only, all bookings should be paid for through the website. The same “pay before you book” policy for online bookings applies for cash/check payments too. 



  • Lessons must be paid online through the website. If paying through an internet banking service is not possible for you please contact us; we might be able to arrange another method for you.

  • If you need to cancel a lesson you must call, text, or email us AND you must do this at least 12 hours ahead of the scheduled time. You will need to reschedule your booking because we do not give refunds or make up lessons for missed lessons. As detailed below, illness excludes you from this rule.

  • Call, text, or email your teacher before the 12 hour mark to reschedule your lesson. We will move your purchased NQ Music Studio lesson time to a date and time of your choice.

  • You can reschedule or cancel a lesson at any time if you have recently been exposed to the virus or are showing covid related symptoms; a make up lesson for the missed time will be offered in this situation.

  • For every scheduled lesson that your instructor is not able to teach and/or must cancel, they will contact you and find a time to reschedule your lesson.

  • If the student and/or student’s guardian does not want a rescheduled lesson, they can “gift” the rescheduled lesson(s) to someone else, perhaps a friend or sibling - contact us and we will arrange the gifted lesson time(s) for this individual.

  • Unexpected weather emergencies exclude you from the policy of needing to reschedule within 12 hours of your lesson. If conditions beyond your control make it unsafe to get to us then you must contact us (if we haven’t already contacted you) for a rescheduling. Remember, having a remote online lesson is also an option instead of rescheduling! 

  • An in-person lesson can be rescheduled into a remote online lesson at any time. To do so, call, text or email.

  • Overbooking: it’s not likely to happen with the online booking system, but if you or your child is somehow double booked with another student, the person that does not receive the lesson will be given a rescheduled lesson time.

  • Frequent cancellers: At the end of the year, if you have rescheduled or missed more than 1/4 of all your scheduled lessons within in a year (even if you correctly rescheduled all of them within the 12 hour mark) we might ask you, with great sadness, to find another music school. Please do not sign up for a lesson unless you are confident you can meet at that scheduled time. 

  • NQ Music Studio reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.



  • For the protection of everyone at NQ Music Studio, if the student or someone in their household has a fever, or if the student is showing any flu or cold-like symptoms (fatigue, runny/stuffy nose, cough, gastrointestinal issues, sore throat), please do not attend an in person lesson until after the 5th day of being asymptomatic. 

  • Please switch to taking remote lessons until the 5th day of being asymptomatic has passed.

  • Illness related reasons exclude you from the "no make up lessons for missed lessons" rule - you can inform us at any point before your lesson and you will be offered a make up lesson.

  • Due to the fairly high chance of false negative covid tests occurring, even if you have a negative covid test result please do NOT return to in person lessons until your 5th day of being asymptomatic.

  • For everyone’s protection, the main studio room, the porch, and the parking area are monitored with security cameras. By agreeing to the Teaching Policy, you are consenting to be monitored by these security cameras.

  • On the condition of receiving the parent/guardian/student’s consent, we request a list of all allergens or serious medical conditions of the student (perhaps the medical issues of whomever may be regularly with the student too).

  • We regularly offer tea and coffee, and sometimes candy if it’s Halloween or near the Winter Holidays, to all guests and students in the waiting area. Sometimes students bring their own snacks to eat before their lesson. Please help us preserve our studio as a safe space for all students! You must notify us of any food allergies or dietary restrictions as soon as possible.

  • The student, or parent/guardian of the student, assumes all risk of injury of their child(ren), or of the company they have brought, associated with participation in musical activities at NQ Music Studio. The student, or parent/guardian on behalf of the student, agrees to release, indemnify, defend and forever discharge Alexandra Headley and Brian Moyer from all liability, claims, demands, damages, costs, and expenses in the very unlikely event of injury sustained by the student or the parent/guardian's child(ren), or their company brought, during the course or as a result of their participation in NQ Music Studio events and bookings.

  • If the student is a child, a guardian or babysitter must be nearby during the lesson (be within ten minutes from the studio please at all times). We also always need someone to be available to immediately pick up the phone, in case there is an emergency or a medical issue. Please provide that same phone number when booking the appointment and have your phone nearby (and not on silent!) if you’re not within the studio during the lesson.

  • You have NQ Music Studio’s assurance that any health information you decide to share with us will remain confidential.



  • Unless requested otherwise in writing by the guardian and/or student, NQ Music Studio is granted permission to take photographs/videos of their students for use in brochures, websites, posters, advertisements, and other promotional materials. That said, we will of course also ask for permission first, from the student and/or their guardian, before taking any photos or videos. 

  • Please send us a letter in writing if you are not comfortable with any photography!

  • Permission is hereby granted for NQ Music Studio (owned by Alexandra Headley) to copyright such photographs in its name.



  • NQ Music Studio business hours generally follow the public school system calendar. During the summer we hold very irregular lesson hours. The online scheduling program will always very precisely show all available times, this is the most accurate way to tell whether we will be teaching during the holidays. If the time is not blocked off, NQ Music Studio’s open!

  • For inclement weather, we will cancel lessons according to whether the nearby public schools have canceled classes. We will contact you as soon as we can if we need to cancel your lesson. 

  • Online remote lessons are excluded from most weather-related cancellations.


The teaching policy is not negotiable. Before signing up for your first NQ Music Studio lesson, you must read the entire policy and fully understand what is outlined in the document. Furthermore, the student and/or the student’s guardian must agree to abide by all the policies outlined in the document throughout all future lessons and bookings at NQ Music Studio.

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